Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex flow meter is developed according to Karman vortex principle to measure the volume flow rate of gas, steam or liquid. ATO provides applicable pipe size from DN15 to DN300. High accuracy vortex flowmeter has fully isolated design, optional LCD display for direct data reading, selectable various signal output like pulse output, 4-20 mA output and RS485 communication. ATO maker in China will also provide quality customized service.

Vortex flow meter


  1. It is simple to install and easy to maintain. Just like gas mass flow meter.
  2. Output is proportional to the flow of pulse signal, no zero drift, high precision.
  3. Simple and firm structure, no moving parts, high reliability, long-term operation is very reliable.
  4. Detection sensor does not directly contact the measured medium, stable performance, long life. The flow meters provided by ATO can be used for a long time


Measuring Media Liquids, gases, steam
Line Size DN15-DN300
Accuracy Gas (uncompensated): DN15-DN25 ±1.5%, DN32-DN200 ±1.0%, DN250-DN300 ±1.5%
Liquid (uncompensated):DN15-DN300 ±1.0%
With integrated temperature and pressure compensation: DN25-DN300 ±1.5%
Range Ratio 1:8~1:30
Medium Temperature -40 ℃ ~ +260 ℃ (for higher temperatures contact us)
Power Supply 24V DC±5%, Li-ion battery (3.6V DC)
Compensation Mode Temperature compensation, pressure compensation, or integrated temperature and pressure compensation (Optional)
Display LCD display (Optional)
Output Signal Frequency, or 4-20 mA
Communication Interface RS485 (Optional)
Connection Clamp, or Flange connection
Body Material 316 stainless steel
Protection Class IP65
Ambient Temperature -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

Dimension: (Unit: mm)

Note: This vortex flowmeter has 3 types of pillars a, b, c, with different sizes. You can check the height of the entire meter corresponding to the H superscript in the table above.
For the height of vortex flow meter with 150℃ sensor without compensation, see H superscript "c"; for the vortex flow meter with 150℃ sensor with compensation, see H superscript "b"; for the vortex flow meter with 260℃ sensor, see H superscript "b"; for the vortex flow meter with 300℃ sensor, see H superscript "a".

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