Application of Flow Meter

Measurement is the eye of industrial production. Flow measurement is one of the components of measurement science and technology, which is closely related to economic construction and scientific research. Do this work, to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, promote the development of science and technology has an important role, especially in the energy crisis, industrial production automation degree is more and more high in today's era, the status and role of flowmeter is more obvious. The unit m3/h is commonly used in engineering, which can be divided into instantaneous flow rate and total flow. Flow rate refers to the amount of effective section of closed pipeline or open channel in unit time, and the substances flowing through it can be gas, liquid or solid. Total flow is the cumulative amount of fluid flowing through the effective section of a closed pipe or open channel in a certain time interval. As a Chinese supplier, ATO provides many types of flow meters. The following are the application fields of ATO flow meter.

Related Application Areas of Flow Meter

Industrial Production

In industrial automation instruments and devices, magnetic flow meter has two functions: as a process automation control system detection instrument and measurement of material quantity.

Energy Measurement

Water, artificial gas, natural gas, steam these commonly used energy sources all use a huge number of vortex flow meters, they are an indispensable tool for energy management and economic accounting.

Environmental Protection

To control the pollution of air and water, it is necessary to control the amount of pollution quantitatively. Gas mass flow meter plays an important role in flue gas discharge and sewage gas treatment.

Transportation Industry

Railway road, air, water and pipeline transport. With the prominent environmental problems, pipeline transportation must be equipped with portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter, which is the eyes of control, distribution and scheduling.

Biological Pharmacy

There are many substances that need to be monitored and measured in biotechnology. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, Digital gas flow meter for controlling the ingredients of various pharmaceutical formulations also not compatible or lacking.

Scientific Experiment

Scientific experiments need not only a large number of flowmeters, and the variety is extremely complex. Especially liquid turbine flow meter, many scientific research institutions and large enterprises have set up special teams to develop special flowmeter.