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About Flow Meter

What is a flow meter?

A flow meter measures the actual flow of water through a pipe. Some models have a paddle-wheel that turns with the water, and others use advanced technology to detect changes in turbulence or sound. As long as the meter meets the conditions of a 2-wire pulse meter, the specific technology will not affect compatibility.

What is a magnetic flow meter?

A magnetic flowmeter or electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument, based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, to measure the flow rate of a conductive fluid by the electromotive force induced by the conductive fluid going through an external magnetic field. The structure of the magnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, measuring conduit, electrodes, housing, liner, and converter.

How does turbine flow meter work?

When the fluid passes through the sensor of the turbine flow meter through the pipe, the impeller in the sensor rotates under the impulse of the fluid. The impeller changes the magneto-resistance in the magneto-electric induction system periodically, so that the magnetic flux through the coil changes periodically and produces the electric pulse signal. After the circuit amplification processing, the output has a certain amplitude of the continuous rectangular pulse, the field can directly display the measured flow, or the signal can be transmitted to the display instrument or communication output.

What affects magnetic flow meter measurement accuracy?

1. liquid to be tested contains bubble.
2. The liquid to be measured is non-full in pipe.
3. Short circuit effect of conductive sediments.
4. The liquid generates crystallization.
5. Liquid conductivity exceeds allowable range.
6. Spatial electromagnetic disturbance.
7. Unsymmetrical flow of the fluid to be measured.
8. Vibration of the installation site affects the accuracy of magnetic flow meter.

What are the clamp-on flow meters used for?

Basically, in the process of using flexible or rigid tubing, the flow needs to be measured and controlled anywhere, including buffer and media preparation/manufacturing, perfusion, fermentation, cell culture, fill and finish dosing, TFF and chromatography skids, peristaltic pump performance monitoring, bioreactor harvesting, and more.

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Can I get samples of any products at

Certainly. We offer samples, and various flow meter products can be shipped worldwide. Our product management team is constantly adding new products, and we'll continue to expand the featured offerings on

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Based on the characteristics of the product, each eligible product has a maximum quantity that can be ordered free of charge. All accounts will be monitored for abuse of the sample program.

Which countries/regions can ATO ship free samples to?

ATO can ship ordered samples to 62 countries/regions worldwide.

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What are the sample order terms and conditions?

ATO reserves the right to refuse sample orders at any time for any reason, including (but not limited to) export control regulations; concerns about abuse; excessive and/or multiple requests; multiple registrations by the same user; and /or prohibited duties/taxes/imposed import restrictions imposed by certain countries.

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