Flow Meter Price List

ATO flow meter is an instrument used to measure the volume or mass of a gas or liquid. Factory price electromagnetic flow meters, vortex flow meters, turbine flow meters, portable ultrasonic flow meters, gas flow meters and gas mass flow meters are provided, customers can buy some suitable ones from a trusted Chinese flow meter supplier. As for the cost of flow meters, there is a price list as shown in the below table just for your reference. If you want to get a real quotation, please contact us.

Factory flow meter

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flow meter is suitable for all conductive liquids, such as domestic water, industrial water, raw water, groundwater, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, treated neutral pulp, pulp slurry, etc.

Product NameSignal OutputConnectionNominal Diameter (Liner Material)Price ($)
Magnetic Flow Meter 4-20mA output Flange DN15 (F4) 842.03
DN25 (F4) 924.26
DN32 (F4) 971.08
DN40 (F4) 999.49
DN50 (F4) 1048.06
DN65 (F4) 1101.48
DN80 (F4) 1205.45
DN100 (F4) 1303.06
DN125 (F4) 1395.13
DN150 (F4) 1582.43
DN200 (F4) 1897.81
DN20 (CR) 842.03
DN40 (CR) 916.79
DN50 (CR) 956.32
DN65 (CR) 1020.77
DN80 (CR) 1094.65
DN100 (CR) 1207.83
DN125 (CR) 1268.15
DN150 (CR) 1423.7
DN200 (CR) 1735.2

Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex flow meter can be used for liquids (water, high-temperature water, chemical liquids, gasoline, etc.), gases (natural gas, compressed air, etc.) and saturated, superheated steam.

Product NameSignal OutputConnectionLine Size (mm)Price ($)
Vortex Flow Meter Frequency output (default)/4-20mA output Clamp (default)/Flange DN15 1281.27
DN20 1096.02
DN25 957.85
DN32 1152.31
DN40 1239.8
DN50 1321.27
DN65 1448.96
DN80 1748.62
DN100 2034.77
DN125 2320.93
DN150 2674.67
DN200 3391.7
DN250 4345.54
DN300 5367

Turbine Flow Meter

Turbine flow meter is used to measure the flow of water, liquefied petroleum gas, refined oil, light crude oil, organic liquids, inorganic liquids and other liquids that do not contain fibers, and particulate impurities.

Product NameSignal OutputConnectionLine Size (mm)Price ($)
Turbine Flow Meter Pulse output (default)/4-20mA output Threaded (DN4~DN40)/Flange (DN50 ~ DN200) DN4 932.06
DN6 932.06
DN10 932.06
DN15 701.59
DN20 803.17
DN25 888.75
DN32 984.76
DN40 1087.3
DN50 1156.51
DN65 1396.19
DN80 1594.45
DN100 2035.71
DN125 2363.27
DN150 3079.94
DN200 3641.84

Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Portable clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for water, tap water, seawater, beer, lubricating oil, gasoline, edible oil and other kinds of pure liquids.

Product NameTransducerMeasuring Pipe RangeTemperature RangePrice ($)
Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter N/A -- -40℃~90℃ 875.32
Standard transducer - small DN32-DN100 1009.47
Standard transducer - medium DN50-DN700 1039.2
Standard transducer - large DN300-DN6000 1123.22
High-temperature transducer - small DN32-DN100 -30℃~160℃ 1092.24
High-temperature transducer - medium DN50-DN700 1133.44
High-temperature transducer - large DN300-DN6000 1162.66

Digital Gas Flow Meter

Digital gas flow meters are ideal for monitoring gas consumption. It can not only diagnose whether there is leakage in the gas system, but also reasonably allocate the consumption of compressed gas and manage the peak load, thereby helping enterprises to save energy and reduce costs.

Product NameFlow RangeGasSignal OutputDNPrice ($)
Digital Gas Flow Meter 0~20L/min Air/N2//O2/Ar/CO2 RS 485 (Optional) 6mm 486.37
0~100 L/min 8mm 511.37
0~250 L/min 12mm 486.37

Gas Mass Flow Meter

Gas mass flow meters can be used for both gas flow measurement and process control. It does not need temperature and pressure compensation and directly measures the mass flow of the fluid.

Product NameFlow RangeGasSignal OutputWorking TemperaturePrice ($)
Gas Mass Flow Meter 0~15 L/min Air/N2/O2/Ar/CO2 4-20mA/RS485/pulse 0~5VDC -20~60℃ 2046.79
0~50 L/min
0~120 L/min
0~300 L/min
0~800 L/min

Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. The price lists in the table above are based on the default options and they are subject to change according to different options. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.